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Well so far this year things have gone good and bad.
I had an awsome new years, easily the best one of my life.
I spent the night tripping out with a good friend of mine in the city. Made heaps of random phone calls too lol
But I also had yet another fight with my ex the next day. I've decided not to try and make up with him and be friends, because it is obviously not working out.
Today he sent me a message saying he was sorry for all the nasty things he said to me but in the same message he was being all emo saying he was thinking of killing himself. wtf right.
So I was nice, and it got more emo and "suicidal". This is why I am not putting anymore effort into it, because I'm so sick of his emo "give me attention" shit. And right after he implied I'm a slut and sleep with every guy I know he says he loves me.
I don't understand what the fuck is going on in his head but fuck him I put up with his cheating shit for 2 1/2 years and I don't see how it is my problem anymore.
So that is my new years resolution, to cut him out of my life.
I have my own life to be getting on with.
And awsome friends to hang out with, so I don't have to be alone anymore.
And in 2 months I will need to move, so in the mean time I need to look for houses, preferably with air con and near a train station so my friends don't have any excuse to not come and see me.
I should also be starting my traineeship this month or the next.
Which means money!
So I can finally pay rent and bills on time. And always have food in the house and fuel in my car. And drink more often lol and stop drinking passion pop. Although I must admit it doesn't taste that bad to me anymore.
I'd also love to get a new car, but I need a nice big deposit for the one I want. A Chrysler 300C in black. I'm yet to find one with a manual transmition.
Damn lazy auto drivers lol let's face it, driving an auto isnt really driving, its just being lazy. If you can't work out how to change gears you shouldn't be allowed to drive. It's not hard.
So basically, last year sucked, this year hasn't been off to a good a start in some sense, but it deffinaty will be better then last year by a long shot!
  • Listening to: Paramore

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leviathanslover Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2008
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for however much you dont like me thats fine but you have some nice stuff
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hi welcome to deviant art :) you will enjoy here :)
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It's great to see some other photographers on here! I hope you find some inspiration on this site and keep on submitting!
:D :hug:

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Go get a Myspace.
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